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Übersichtsliste der Heimangestellten
Übersichtsliste der Heimangestellten
Übersichtsliste der Heimangestellten

This Memorial Book lists all home residents and residents whose data could be found, regardless of the period and the duration of their stay. The personal data and the persecution fate are displayed for every woman and every child in a tabular list.

Different spellings of names and different information about dates of birth are shown in the sources in brackets. As far as details about the life of a person are known, the table is like a biographical portrayal of their lives.

The personal rights of those who survived set boundaries to the publication of their names and biographies.
Therefore, some biographies are initially anonymous or shown in abbreviated form. We strive to obtain permission from these individuals or their families to publish data about them, to gradually eliminate all anonymous biographies. The Memorial Book is based on an extensive and unpublished database. It contains additional information on individuals whose life stories can’t be published, even with the complete source information. We are pleased to share this information if requested.

The main sources of the Memorial Book include the register of Neu-Isenburg’s inhabitants from 1907 to the 1920th and lists of residents that had to be compiled by the management of the Home and to be presented to the police from 1935 onwards. These documents are kept in the City Archives of Neu-Isenburg. The online Memorial Book of the Federal Archives was extremely helpful in preparing the Memorial Book for the victims of the persecution of the Jews under the National Socialist regime in Germany between 1933 – 1945, the compensation acts in the Hessian State Archives Wiesbaden and the database of the Jewish Museum Frankfurt am Main for the victims of the Shoah that came from Frankfurt.

If you have additional information about individuals, please contact us via the contact form, which you can access from every page, we’re waiting for your message!

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