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Alexander, Brunhilde

First NameBrunhilde
Family NameAlexander
Date of Birth03/02/1922
Birthplace/Place of ResidenceAdelsheim
Residence in „Heim Isenburg“07/06/1941 - 03/19/1942
Departure toStuttgart
ProfessionHousekeeping Assistant

Deported with unknown destination

Date of Death/Place of Death-

Brunhilde Alexander was born on March 2, 1922, in Adelsheim in district Villingen (Baden), where she grew up with her brother at their parent's house. Her life under Nazi rule could only be reconstructed in parts. In summer 1939, she worked temporarily as a kitchen maid in Bad Dürrheim, in the Friedrich-Luisen-Hospice, a recreational home "for Israelite children and underprivileged adults." In Bad Durrheim she lived at the Jewish Community Center in Hospital Street 34.

At the age of 19 years, Brunhilde Alexander moved from Stuttgart to Neu-Isenburg at the beginning of July 1941. She lived and worked in the Home of the Jewish Women's Association until the facility was closed. In March 1942 she was signed out to Stuttgart. Her fate is in the dark. She was deported to an unknown destination and remained missing.

Brunhilde's brother survived the Shoah. Like her parents, Brunhilde also was a victim of the Nazi genocide. The couple was kidnapped in the mass deportation of Jews from Baden and the Saarpfalz on October 22, 1940, to the south of France to the detention camp Gurs. Brunhilde's father, Max Alexander, was moved to the detention camp Nexon on October 3, 1942, where he died on December 31, 1942. Bertha Alexander, Brunhilde's mother, was deported from Gurs to the concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz on August 10, 1942. There, their trail disappears.

Sources: Memorial Book - Victims of the Persecution of Jews under the National Socialist Tyranny in Germany 1933 – 1945 (Bundesarchiv - National Archive); Arolsen Archives

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