City of Neu Isenburg


Anschlawski, Bela

First NameBela
Family NameAnschlawski
Date of Birth10/02/1939
Birthplace/Place of ResidenceHamburg, Hegestr. 1
Residence in „Heim Isenburg“11/12/1939 - 03/18/1942
Departure toHamburg

Deported from Hamburg on 07/11/1942 to the concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz

Date of Death/Place of Death-

Bela Anschlawski was born on October 2, 1939, in Hamburg. She was barely two months old when she stayed at the Neu-Isenburg Home of the Jewish Women's Association on 21 November. Bela stayed there until the closing of the facility in the spring of 1942. On March 12, she was moved to the Jewish orphanage in Hamburg, Papendamm 3. She lived there for another four months until she was deported to Auschwitz along with other children from the Hamburg home and their caregivers on July 11, 1942. Bela was then almost three years old.

Bela's mother, Selma Anschlawski, born on July 24, 1898 in Tilsit, residing in Hamburg, was deported to the Lodz ghetto on October 25, 1941, and from there to the Chelmno extermination camp on May 12, 1942.

Sources: Stadtarchiv Neu-Isenburg; Memorial Book - Victims of the Persecution of Jews under the National Socialist Tyranny in Germany 1933 – 1945 (Bundesarchiv - National Archive);

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