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Appel, Johanna (Hanna, Hannah)

First NameJohanna (Hanna, Hannah)
Family NameAppel
Date of Birth13 April 1934 or 16 April 1934
Birthplace/Place of ResidenceMarburg/Wachenbuchen (Hanau)
Residence in „Heim Isenburg“31 January 1936 - 30 April 1936
Departure to-


Date of Death/Place of DeathMurdered in Landes-Heil- und Pflegeanstalt Weilmünster on 10 April 1940

 Johanna (Hanna, Hannah) Appel is the daugter of Amalie (Malchen) Appel. Johanna was born in Marburg. At the age of almost two years she came to the 'Heim' of Neu-Isenburg, where she stayed for three month. Where she was unsubscribed to is unknown. 

She was murdered on 10 April 1940 in the 'Landes-Heil- und Pflegeanstalt' Weilmünster. The six- years-old girl was a victim of the National Socialist euthanasia. Johanna Appel is burried on the Jewish part of the 'sanatorium'-cemetary of Weilmünster. A small tombstone is a memory of her.

The mother of Johanna, Amelie Appel was born on 13 July 1892. On 8 May 1939 she came to the 'Landes-Heil- und Pflegeanstalt' in Weilmünster. From there she was transferred on 7 February 1942 to the killing center Hadamar. On the same day she was murdered in the gas chamber.

Sources: Stadtarchiv Neu-Isenburg; (opens in a new tab)/Euthanasie_Opfer.htm;;

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