City of Neu Isenburg


B., Eva Johanna

First NameEva Johanna
Family NameB.
Date of Birth1922
Birthplace/Place of ResidenceFrankfurt am Main
Residence in „Heim Isenburg“04/19/1937 - 08/271937
Departure toFrankfurt am Main
ProfessionEducation as a Kindergarten Teacher

Escape to England in June 1939; emigrated to New York in 1948

Date of Death/Place of Death-

Eva B. was born as the daughter of Salomon and Sara B. in Frankfurt in 1922. The family lived in Schützenstraße. After leaving school in 1937 (Easter), Eva began training as a kindergarten teacher in “Heim Isenburg." On her account, she received now money during her education, although there were free accommodation and food in Neu-Isenburg. Since her father's business was declining in Frankfurt because of the Nazi boycott, Eva soon had to look for a paid position and therefore moved into a children pension in Frankfurt. She worked there for about a year until the boarding school was closed after the pogrom in 1938. Eva now saw no chance to continue with education.

At the age of 16 years, Eva B. fled to England in June 1939. In 1948 she migrated to New York.

Sources: Stadtarchiv Neu-Isenburg; Hessian State Archives


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