City of Neu Isenburg


Erbsen, Lina

First NameLina
Family NameErbsen
Date of Birth07/19/1919
Birthplace/Place of ResidenceFrankfurt am Main
Residence in „Heim Isenburg“08/02/1934 - 06/30/1940
Departure toFrankfurt am Main

Deported from Frankfurt, possibly via the Ghetto Izbica in the extermination camp Sobibór on 06/11/1942

Date of Death/Place of DeathExtermination camp Sobibór

Lina Erbsen was born on July 19, 1919, in Frankfurt am Main. Very little is known about her family. Her father, Fritz Erbsen, lived in Strasbourg as a merchant. As 15-year old, Lina was coming from Alzenau, when she was recorded in the home of the Jewish women’s Association in Neu-Isenburg. Here she was supervised for nearly six years.

In the spring of 1940, the twenty-year-old youth worked temporarily as a maid in a private household in Frankfurt in Großen Wollgraben 26 (now Börnerstraße) and then in the Jewish Hospital at Gagernstraßet 36. She returned to “Heim Isenburg" after a short time. End of June she was signed out again to Frankfurt in the Israelite Hospital.

Two years later, on June 11, 1942, the 22-year-old Lina Erbsen was deported from Frankfurt in a transport with over a thousand people in the district of Lublin. In Lublin, able-bodied men were collected off the train and brought to the concentration camp Majdanek for forced labor. The children, women, and older men, however, were transported to the Sobibór extermination camp. Survivors of this deportation are not known (Kingreen, Gewaltsam verschleppt, S. 373 f.).


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