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Joseph, Hilde

First NameHilde
Family NameJoseph
Date of Birth08/04/1912
Birthplace/Place of ResidenceLondorf (Gießen)
Residence in „Heim Isenburg“1933 - 03/01/1936
Departure to-
ProfessionKindergarten teacher

Escape to the US in 1937

Date of Death/Place of Death11/26/1987 in Queens, New York

Hilde Joseph, a kindergarten teacher by profession, worked from 1933 to March 1, 1936, in the Neu-Isenburg Home of the Jewish Women's Association.

Hilde Joseph was born in 1912 in Londorf near Giessen. She first attended elementary school in her home town and subsequently the “Aliceschule” (Women's vocational school) in Giessen. She passed her exams as a kindergarten teacher in 1930 at the Fröbelseminar in Giessen. After the first professional experience she gathered in Köln and Groß-Gerau, she came to Neu-Isenburg. In the spring of 1936 Hilde Joseph went back to her parents after Giessen. The director of "Heim Isenburg," Helene Krämer acknowledged her good work on March 5, 1936: "Miss Hilde Joseph [...], looked after the children with love and care, instructed them well according to her employment objective and won the love and affection of the children by her friendly nature."   

In 1937, Hilde Joseph was in charge of the Women's International Zionist Organization (WIZO) kindergarten in Giessen. In June of the same year, she married the merchant Leopold Levi, born on November 24, 1901, in Rülfenrod (Gemünden). Two months later, in September 1937, Hilde and Leopold Levi immigrated to the USA. The Levi couple had two children. The family lived in New York. There, Leopold Levi died on July 28, 1973, and Hilde Levi on November 26, 1987.


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Joseph, Hilde

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