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Rosenfeld, Rolf Moritz

First NameRolf Moritz
Family NameRosenfeld
Date of Birth21 January 1929
Birthplace/Place of ResidenceFrankfurt/Main
Residence in „Heim Isenburg“the mother was in the Home ''Isenburg'' in the last weeks of her pregnancy
Departure toEsslingen

On 22 August 1942 deported from Stuttgart-Killesberg (North-Station) to Theresienstadt, on 29 January 1943 to the concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz.

Date of Death/Place of Death1943 in Ausschwitz (probably)

The mother of Rolf Moritz Rosenfeld, Bona (Bonna, Berta, Benna) Rosenfeld, who is also listed in this memorial book, came to the Home of the Jewish Women's Association in Neu-Isenburg in the last weeks of her pregnancy. Rolf Moritz Rosenfeld is born in the Israelite Hospital, Gagernstr. 36 in Frankfurt/Main. After they moved to Bad Cannstadt. Here the mother worked as a housemaid; for her son she found a place in the Israelite orphanage ''Wilhelmspflege'' in Esslingen. Here he was enrolled at school in 1935.

In August 1939 the orphanage was seized, he came to a Jewish Family in the Hospitalstr.36 in Stuttgart. From 31 July 1942 until 14 August 1942 she stayed with his mother probably  in Dellmensingen. After he returned to Stuttgart. 

On 22 August 1942 Rolf Moritz Rosenfeld and his mother, Bona Rosenfeld, were deported from Stuttgart-Killesberg (North-Station) to Theresienstadt. On 29 January 1942 they came to the concentration and Extermination camp Auschwitz. There their life trace breaks off.

Since 13 November 2013 there is a ''Stolperstein'' in front of the Theodor-Rothschild-House (formerly orphanage 'Wilhelmspflege'') in Esslingen that reminds of Rolf Moritz Rosenfeld.

Quelle: Standesamt Frankfurt/Main; Project 'Esslinger Stolpersteine 2013', Georgii-Gymnasium, Esslingen;  Memorial Book - Victims of the Persecution of Jews under the National Socialist Tyranny in Germany 1933 - 1945 (Bundesarchiv - National Archives); Dr. Joachim Hahn, Theodor Rothschild und das jüdische Waisenhaus ''Wilhelmspflege'' in Esslingen (online: www.freunde-jü; Martin Ullmer and Martin Ritter (eds.), das jüdische Zwangsaltersheim Eschenau und sein Bewohner. Tübingen, 2013, S. 207; this biography could be completed by the support of Dr. Michael Koch, Museum zur Geschichte von Christen und Juden, Laupheim

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