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Stamm (Sztam), Tamara

First NameTamara
Family NameStamm (Sztam)
Date of Birth02/05/1922
Birthplace/Place of ResidenceWiesbaden / Neu-Isenburg
Residence in „Heim Isenburg“1923 - 1935
Departure toPalestine

Fled to Palestine via Tries on 03/31/1935

Date of Death/Place of Death-
Tamara Stamm 1933 im Garten des Heims
Tamara Stamm 1933 in the garden of the Heim. Photo: Tamar Grizim
Tamara Stamm

Tamara Stamm is the daughter of the Iska Stamm who is also listed in this Memorial Book.

Tamara and her mother came to the Jewish Women's League home in Neu-Isenburg in 1923. Iska Stamm was a kindergarten teacher and an infant nurse. Tamara grew up in Neu-Isenburg and attended the Pestalozzi Elementary school as well as the Secondary school for a year..

Iska Stamm recognized very early on that she and her daughter would have no future in Germany. For this reason, they both immigrated via Trieste to Palestine in March 1935 where they went on to Haifa. Iska Stamm had to build up a completely new life for herself and her daughter in the foreign country.

Iska tamara stamm

Tamara, who accepted the Hebrew first name Tamar, attended the Hebrew High School in Jerusalem. After graduating from high school, she completed a two-year training as a kindergarten teacher, but initially did not work in her profession and rather went to the British army to fight for her new home as a truck chauffeur. She spent four years with 5000 other young Jewish women in the army - years which were very important for her continued development and her ties with the state of Israel.

When Tamar Stamm returned from her deployment in the British army, she was offered work with the NA'AMAT women's movement. Since then, she was closely connected with this organization.

In 1951 Tamara Stamm married Tanchum Grizim, whom she had met in the personnel department of the Israeli army. They had two children. The family later lived in Europe for a long time. From 1963, Tanchum Grizim worked for four and a half years as a scientific consultant at the Israeli embassy in Paris. Tamar also worked at the Embassy during her second stay in Paris which lasted another three years.

Tamar Grizim now lives in Tel Aviv. Today she maintains regular contact with the city of Neu-Isenburg and had been there several times with her daughter and a granddaughter.

Sources: Stadtarchiv Neu-Isenburg; information provided by Tamar Grizim

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