City of Neu Isenburg


Trundt, Adele

First NameAdele
Family NameTrundt
Date of Birth09/09/1894
Birthplace/Place of ResidencePlettenberg
Residence in „Heim Isenburg“02 January 1938 - 19 May 1938
Departure toFrankfurt/Main, last address: Liebigstraße 54 p
ProfessionYouth Leader

Presumably fled to England in June/July 1939

Date of Death/Place of Death-

For several months Adele Trundt worked as a youth leader in the Neu-Isenburg Home of the Jewish Women's Association in the spring of 1938. She was married but lived apart from her husband. In 1934 she moved from Godesberg to Frankfurt, where she was registered until 1939.

In June 1939, Adele Trundt asked for the compulsory removal of moving property from Germany, which had to be recorded. Adele Trundt wanted to flee to England. Since the list contained no valuable objects, the application was approved in the same month. Whether Adele Trundt actually went to England could not be clarified.

Sources: Stadtarchiv Neu-Isenburg; Hessian State Archives

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