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Stern, Rudolf Ruben

First NameRudolf Ruben
Family NameStern
Date of Birth06/20/1935
Birthplace/Place of ResidenceWiesbaden
Residence in „Heim Isenburg“06/23/1937 - 11/28/1938
Departure toStraßburg

Escaped to France in 1938, emigrated to Palestine in 1947

Date of Death/Place of Death05/10/2018 in Israel

Rudolf Ruben (Rudi) Stern is the son of Hedwig Stern, brother of Paula Stern, nephew of Hilda Johanna Stern and cousin of Marianne and Irene, who are recorded in this memorial book. His aunt  Rudolf`s father presumably was (Rudi) Leitem, a communist resistance fighter against the National Socialism from Wiesbaden.

Rudolf Ruben was born June 20th 1935 in Wiesbaden. When the boy was two years old, his mother gave him into the care of the Neu-Isenburg Home of the Jewish Women’s Association. There his sister Paula had already been taken care of since 1933. Both children stayed until the end of November 1938 and were forced to witness the violent assaults and the destruction of the main building during the pogrom night November 10th . November 28th 1938 – Rudolf Ruben was 3 years then – the siblings were brought to Strasbourg. There they were separated and lived in different homes. During the occupation of France by the German Wehrmacht they were hidden.  Rudolf Ruben survived the Shoah in France. At last he stayed in an institution in Toulouse. Two years after the end of the war he emigrated by ship from Marseille to Palestine. He then was 12 years old. There again he was taken care of in a children`s home in Haifa. Only in Israel he learned that he has a sister.

Rudolf Ruben Stern lived in a Kibbuz near Nazareth, together with his wife Rachel. Out of his first marriage he has four daughters.

Sources: Informations of Rudolf Ruben Stern an his family; Stadtarchiv Neu-Isenburg; Hessisches Hauptstaatsarchiv Wiesbaden; Aktives Museum Spiegelgasse für Deutsch-Jüdische Geschichte in Wiesbaden e.V. (information, researched by Lothar Bembenek); Peter Heckert:

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