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Stern, Hilda (Hilde) Johanna Heide

First NameHilda (Hilde) Johanna Heide
Family NameStern
Date of Birth03/11/1904
Birthplace/Place of ResidenceHochstadt
Residence in „Heim Isenburg“10/07/1920 - 05/18/1922, 12/27/1923 - 10/15/1925
Departure toFrankfurt am Main

Deported to "Landesheil- und Pflegeanstalt Gießen" on 09/25/1940 and to the euthasania killing center "Brandenburg an der Havel" on 01/10/1940

Date of Death/Place of DeathEuthasania killing center "Brandenburg an der Havel"

Hilda Johanna Stern was the sister of Hedwig Stern, the mother of Marianne, Else and Irene Stern and the aunt of Rudolf Ruben and Paula Stern, who are also mentioned in this memorial book. Here parents were Markus Stern and his wife Sofie, born Rosenthal.

On 10/06/1939 Hilde Stern came from the mental hospital in Frankfurt/Main to 'Landesheilanstalt' Hadamar. On 03/09/1939 she was brought to Herborn where she stayed until 25/09/1940. Then she was brought to Gießen. On 01/10/1940 she was deported in the Euthanasia Killing Center in Brandenburg/Havel.  

Sources: Information of Prof. Dr. Ben-Arieh, Israel; Stadtarchiv Neu-Isenburg; The Memorial Book of the Federal Archives for the Victims of the Persecution of Jews in Germany (1933-1945); Archive of Landeswohlfahrtsverband

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